I’m back

Details of Cuba trip to follow after I’ve slept long enough to not feel like a bucket of sand is in my eyes. Why, you ask, am I feeling this way? Well, I left my sister’s house on Friday at 12:30. I got to the Philly airport at 3 PM. My Alaska Airline flight was delayed SEVEN hours making me miss my connection. They had to change two tires on the plane and the tires were in Newark, NJ and had to be driven to Philly. Then spent three hours in SeaTac waiting for 6:10 AM flight to Anchorage. Got home and my water heater was out due to winds. Tried to watch some shows I’d been taping while I was out to find out my cable box went tits up while I was out and the DVR component was history. So no taped shows. Man will come on Tuesday to bring new box.

Sigh… at least the dogs and birds were happy to see me. Thank god for kind hearted house sitters who understand the love and attention your babies need when you are away.