This is your old fart speaking

I am so over and done with insanely skinny, yet suspiciously full breasted women at the multiple entertainment award extravaganzas showing up with their boobs, butts and vaginas all on display. Why even bother with a dress?

The see through look is ugly. Just ugly. I am tired of naked rear ends. We all have one. Don’t need to see mine and don’t need to see yours. Cover it in a beautiful dress that is cut and folded in an amazing way to drape over a gorgeous figure and you have my attention. Take a piece of see through material and throw it over a naked ass, boobs and vagina and its just that – a piece of undefined material whose only point is to show that the person wearing it has a skinnier waist, bigger ass and larger boobs than that person coming next.

Well big friggin’ deal. If I had access to those plastic surgeons, my body would not look like a closed down sports arena with a sagging roof. And even if I did have access, I’d use the body to wear something totally gorgeous that got all eyes on me without revealing those private parts of my body that I – being old fashioned the way I am – think should be kept private.

Women are fighting so hard for equality right now. And then these bimbos come along wearing see through everything with boobs and butt popping out all over and we wonder why men don’t take us seriously.

You don’t see guys showing up at these award shows wearing see through tuxes – and please, guys, don’t take that as a challenge – because they are men and don’t need to let their bodies hang out naked on the red carpet to be taken seriously.

Please, please, ladies. When you get dressed for these shows, don’t forget the dress. Don’t make all RBG’s and Michelle’s work go for naught so you can display your crotch for no sensible reason. Unless, of course, what you’re looking for is every pervert and drooling drunk to masturbate over pictures of you for years to come.