It’s been quiet here

It’s been so quiet in the house. Both Snowy and Nayla seem very down. They aren’t running around like they usually do. They aren’t playing together. And they aren’t letting me out of their sight. I can’t turn around without tripping over Nayla. They definitely are affected by Carm’s absence. So they are both getting lots of extra hugs and love to help them feel better. Nayla has real separation issues and needs a lot of reassurance that she won’t one day disappear like Carm did. If only I could explain to them what happened.

But I can’t. No more than I can explain why Mark Begich threw his hat into the ring for the governor’s race at the last minute. In case he didn’t notice, there was no groundswell of demand that he run. There was no clamoring for him to get back in the public eye. All he’s done is hand this race to a far right Republican. Way to go, Mark!

My vote stays with Walker. He may not be perfect but he’s the most honest and independent governor we’ve had for a long time. He deserves to finish what he started. And Mark Begich needs to understand that we don’t need him messing things up in this race. What an ass with an overwhelming need for publicity.