Bully in Chief

That pile of melted orange goo must have been a horrible child because he grew into a horrible human being. He is a bully now and he was probably a bully then.

The POS currently embarrassing us throughout the world seems to feel that he can bully with impunity since he now sits atop the largest bully pulpit in the world. What he doesn’t see from those lofty heights is the anger and disdain swelling beneath him.

China is growing into an economic machine that will soon surpass us. The European Union is finding other trading partners. Canada is probably getting ready to invade us… if only! And the rest of the world is figuring out alternatives to our bullying.

So all in all, I’m guessing his bullying will merely lead us further down the path of being the world’s pariah both economically, ethically and morally. Because, let’s face it, we have become a country that separates children from their parents, puts immigrants into federal prisons, wants to again deny health care privileges to people with pre-existing conditions and believes it’s better to arm grade school teachers so they can shoot back rather than even discuss the role of guns in the violence in our schools.

I have traveled the world in my lifetime and was always proud to say I’m an American. I think I might switch up on my next trip and insist I’m Canadian. Now how do they say “about” again?