Tactical pants

So the question on everyone’s mind… well, other than the question as to when those sad little children will be returned to their parents… is what the hell are tactical pants and shirts and why does EPA Secretary Pruitt need them? And while we’re at it, how does he get away with scrubbing his computer so that it looks as though he’s sent exactly one external email in an entire year? Unless, of course, he contacts his buddies in the Scorched Earth Consortium using an alternative email… but he wouldn’t do that, right? Because then he would just be the Republican Hillary Clinton and the House of Representatives would be spending millions upon millions of dollars investigating him. Right?

I’m starting to believe that Melania was made to wear that jacket yesterday so that we would once again be distracted by the real stuff going on. That Large Pile of Creamsicle Goo yells “squirrel” and we all turn to look and miss the elephant running in the other direction.

Our only way out of the hellish morass is to vote in the midterms and create a legislative branch of government able to block Orange Goo’s worse impulses while overriding any of his vetoes on programs that contain even a hint of compassion. If we don’t, we can bed over and kiss it goodbye. Because the dismantling of all that we once held good in this country will be complete.