This is a hard one

There is a part of me that is grinning like crazy at the Trump people having trouble eating out in public. There is another part of me that feels… oh hell, there is no part of me that feels bad about this. In fact, yea! to the restaurant owner who refused to feed the mouthpiece that defends separating children from their families. Maybe someone should remove hers so she knows how it feels. Probably be the best thing that ever happened to those kids. They wouldn’t end up being raised in the poisonous atmosphere that is so clearly the Huckabee family.

As for the head of Homeland Security, Kirstjen M. Nielsen, I hope she gets hounded out of every public space she appears in. I hope she gets hounded, shouted at and made to feel shame at her actions. She deliberately lied in saying that the separation of children at the border wasn’t happening when we all saw the pictures of it happening. She did it because her Furher told her to. What a piece of shit.

Finally, a shout out to all those airlines that refused to transport these children away from their families. You know you have sunk to a new, until recently undiscovered low, when the airlines have more integrity and compassion than you do.

May this current administration rot in the darkest circles of hell for what it is doing to my country. And may Sarah and Kirstjen be right there with their unholy leader.