It is getting harder and harder

It’s getting harder and harder to be a true conservative because the Republican Party no longer represents true conservatism. The Republican Party now represents the values of the POS currently sullying the White House. And those values have nothing to do with ethics, morals, Americanism, democracy or compassion. They are totally unrelated to a country claiming to be a country of laws and they are definitely the kind of morals that only the world’s worst despots would embrace.

How do I know that the Republican Party as we once knew it is dead and gone? Because George Will has officially left it. The face of true conservative Republican values has declared himself unable to reconcile his beliefs with the despicable, racist horrors coming out of the Republican controlled government in DC.

My hat goes off to Mr. Will for sticking to his morals and ethics and taking the high road. This is as opposed to seemingly the entire Republican Congress which sits idly by and pretends they have nothing to do with ripping children from their parents or praising murderous dictators as good guys. Do they think come fall we’ll forget they were sitting on their hands while that melted pile of Creamsicle goo destroyed all we once held as good and right in this country?

Well, we won’t. I don’t care if Jesus comes back to earth and runs for office as a Republican. I wouldn’t vote for him. Though I think there is little chance of that. Jesus would be horrified to belong to the Republican party. If you’re looking for him, he’s at the border trying to comfort crying, frightened children.

Republicans… pieces of shit that are too afraid to speak up for the helpless for fear it will hurt their re-election. You’re right, Republicans, these aren’t American children being harmed. They are Jesus’ children. And he’s getting pretty pissed.