Enemy of the people

So according to Orange Goo, the Democrats only know how to obstruct progress and the media is the enemy of the people.  Allow me to politely disagree.

First of all, the Dems seem to be most adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. To imply that they are organized enough, coherent enough and unified enough to obstruct anything is just stupid. Oh yeah, and they don’t have the votes in Congress to block almost anything PigFace wants to do. In fact, if you want to talk about great obstructionists, how about Merrick Garland’s fate at the hands of the Republicans? Or the fact that they openly admit through their Chief Turtle that their only goal during the Obama administration was to obstruct everything he tried to do?

Second, the media is as the media does. It is not beholden to the Chief Popsicle. It should be beholden to the truth but I believe Fox News killed that concept a long, long time ago. So what exactly does Orange Goo mean by this? Does he mean that they show pictures of the hundreds of thousands of people throughout Great Britain that protested his presence on their soil and this makes him look bad? Does he mean when they report on the latest twelve indictments in the case he calls a witch hunt? Does he mean when he boldface lies and persists in that lie no matter how many times the media play a clip where he is saying exactly what he denies saying?

The enemy of the people, you POS, is you and anyone else who tries to impose gags on the media. And given the bloody screams of horror expressed by most of POS’ followers if anyone even hints at common sense gun laws because they think it infringes on their Second Amendment right, it’s somewhat of a conundrum to see how quickly they embrace putting limits on the First Amendment.

Protecting the First Amendment and freedom of the press is the only way to preserve our democracy. This clearly threatens a man whose chief idols are Putin and Kim Jong Un.

And seeing how it’s Sunday, let me ask all those evangelicals who follow this man like he’s a god – how many Sundays has he actually attended a service anywhere? How does his hypocritical “just doing it for the votes” Christianity play out in the afterlife? Cause down here on earth, it’s racking up the kind of points that means you will have to look down, not up, if you want to find him in the afterlife. Or maybe he’ll be sweating right next to you.