Now I really need to rant

And no, it’s not about Orange Goo or his ridiculous tweets. No, today I’d like to rant about naked women.

I am grateful that we are passed that time in history where women were considered secondary citizens whose sex vibes would send any man into a frenzy thus necessitating that women cover up everything. Because, as we all know, a man can’t be held responsible for his sexual impulses if a woman is such a slut as to wear a mini-skirt.

We’ve thankfully gotten beyond that. Women can now wear as much or as little as they want. I just think maybe we’ve gone a bit too far with the little. As in, I’m so sick and tired of seeing someone’s breast or crotch or butt naked online with a headline that indicates we are supposed to be looking at the dress not the breast. Seems like famous women are in a mad race to see who can show the most while wearing the least and still pretending to have clothes on.

I guess I come from the day when a little discretion was considered sexy. Maybe on your first date your dress should not show your body covered in nothing more than thin gauze and pasties. I love it when I see a dress that is sizzling hot and doesn’t need to show everything to be so. Women with class who are successful because of their talents and not just their bodies know this. That’s why you never see Angelina Jolie or Meryl Streep or Nicole Kidman walking down the red carpet with their hoo-has on display for all to see.

So ladies, while I greatly enjoy the freedom we have to dress to express ourselves and not to please some man, let’s cool it with the see through everything. Because honestly, why even bother with the gauze cover at that point. Just walk down the red carpet naked and save the material for a table cloth.