Just call it what it is

I find myself wondering when the news media will run out of euphemisms for the word “lie” every time POS speaks and call it what it is. They seem to be twisting themselves into knots to call the lies coming out of POS’ mouth anything but outright lies. There is a big difference between a mistaken statement and an outright lie. A mistake is an accident. A lie is deliberate. And POS is very, very deliberately lying every time he opens his mouth.

It’s like he can’t help himself because he has the impulse control of a toddler. Or, god help us, maybe he does believe the lies he says despite proof to the contrary. If that’s true, then the only conclusion is that this once great country is being run by a psychopath who has lost all touch with reality. And what’s even scarier, all his Republican colleagues are totally silent as they watch the titular head of their party lie, cheat and steal in full public view. Because so long as he is dismantling Obama’s legacy and rolling back all those pesky environmental regulations that are keeping billionaires from becoming trillionaires, they do give a shit what damage he may be doing to our morals, ethics and standing in the world.

I say it’s time for the media – both fake and real – to start calling those words coming out of his mouth what they are – lies. Falsehoods and deceptions have too many letters in them for any of this POS’ followers to actually understand. Fib – you can use fib. Lie – you can use lie. But stop the bullshit beating around the bush. His statements are blatant and he makes no apologies for how inaccurate or misleading they might be – and, BTW, neither of those words are acceptable either. They aren’t really inaccuracies or misconceptions. They are outright and deliberate lies.

So get a spine, media, and call this POS out for what he is saying. Stop trying to cloak it in big words and phrases. The only word you need is the only one that is completely accurate – he lies. He is a liar.