Earthquake coping

Here’s how I’m coping with the aftershocks that make me want to scream. I put the toilet lid down.

That’s right. When the earthquake struck, the lid was up and my medicine cabinet had its contents dumped into the needing to be flushed toilet. I got the tongs from the kitchen, gingerly picked all the stuff out of the toilet, dumped the tongs in the same bag when all had been removed and placed everything into the trash.

So now, every time I use the toilet, I put the lid down. I do this on the theory that the goddess would surely not send us another earthquake if she couldn’t use it to dump my medicine cabinet into my toilet. I mean, where’s the fun in that for her?

So you can thank me later, folks, but know now that I am the one keeping another bad earthquake at bay. Just pray I always remember to put that lid down.