Soon he will have his wish

POS seems to think he can run everything himself because he’s the smartest guy in any room and has a gut that rivals Gibb’s for accuracy. He’s wrong, of course. He’s neither smart nor anything like Leroy Jethro Gibbs who actually believes in honor and truth. Neither of those adjectives apply to the POS currently sullying the White House.

But with each passing day, it becomes obvious that he really doesn’t want advice or input from anyone except that weird little voice in his head. You know the one. It’s the same little voice that told him orange was a good color for a human being’s face.

And now he seems to be getting his wish to run this country as a one man dictatorship in which he can do any and everything that pops into that tiny little brain of his. Anyone with the least bit of intelligence, honor, integrity and knowledge has fled, or is fleeing. Left behind are the big brains of Jared and Ivanka, DT Jr. and the new Chief of Staff who has admitted in the past that his new boss is a bad person. Perhaps the only real humor comes when Sarah Fuckabee Sanders stands up in front of the world and insists that his lies are truth, that up is down and that Heaven’s Gate was a great picture.

So as we enter this holiday week with some federal employees wondering how to pay the bills with no job and others wondering how they ended up working for the federal government for free because they were told they had to, let’s remember who brought us this season of fear and trembling over the future of our country – POS. The biggest POS to ever take center stage in America. The biggest POS to ever destroy all the ideals that Christmas is actually supposed to stand for. The POS who would have refused Jesus entry to Bethlehem because he was an unwanted mid-eastern immigrant. The same POS who only seems to respect wealth and power no matter how they were acquired.

He’s brought you this holiday in which you find yourself wondering if America will ever have another holiday in which there is true joy in the land. Because right now, this is the most joyless season of joy I’ve seen since 2001. And once again, let me remind you that the POS bringing this to you admires the dictators running North Korea, Russia and Saudi Arabia – leaving me very worried about what he’s going to get some lawyer to claim about his right to trash the Constitution and just run things the way he wants.

Have a great holiday week – my advice is to not turn on the news from now until January 2 or you will not have a happy one.