Workout pants

I don’t know about you, but my workout pants are baggy with elastic waist and what might possibly be chocolate stains on them. I don’t put on makeup or do my hair or worry about what sweatshirt I’m putting on top of the pants and whether it clashes or not with the pants.

So when I see some Hollywood starlet bouncing out of her workout session in a pair of sweatpants that are more form fitting, hip hugging and stylish than the best pants in my closet, I have to wonder.

How do they workout without the pants slipping off their hips? How do they come out of a workout session looking better than I did on my wedding day? Why do they never seem to sweat? Why does their hair look good enough to meet the queen? And those crop tops – how do you do exercises without your boobs popping out of them?

I can only assume that when these ladies get home, they rip off those clothes and reach into that dark recess of their closet where we all keep our comfy clothes. Because otherwise, I’d have to think they were aliens from a planet far, far away.

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  1. Wayne Rush says:

    I enjoyed visiting with you at the auction Saturday evening. Thanks for cluing me in on your blog. I’m enjoying it too. Keep up the fire.

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