And so the farce continues

I know. I know. I should be impressed and grateful that we are even having a trial about just how corrupt and despicable the current administration is. There are so many countries where this would not be happening and the chief executive would continue criminal activity unabated. Is it terrible to wish that Trump would move there before we become them?

I admire the sheer guts of the Dems to even expend the energy to bring this to the senate. (And I do believe that from now on, given how the senate is acting, we no longer need to capitalize the word.) They went into this futile exercise knowing it was futile.

Power is the greatest of all aphrodisiacs and not one Republican senator plans to give it up just for the sake of their country. They ran for office to enrich themselves and if they need to keep Trump on the throne to do that, then so be it and our country be damned.

So quite honestly, I am not glued to my tv watching this sham of a trial. I know the outcome. I know it’s not really a trial. I know there aren’t four Republicans with the balls to stand up and vote for, at a minimum, witness testimony. And it certainly won’t be the vaginas in the room that show the balls how to do it.

What I hear most from people following this sham is that, at a minimum, Trump will forever be an impeached president in history. Big friggin’ deal. He destroys our country, its institutions and its constitution and you want me to be happy knowing Trump will not be treated nicely by history.

Let me give you my response to that – who gives a big, hot damn how history treats him. We won’t be around to see that. Or to see his minions editing the history books to show him as the great emperor he clearly thinks he is. Meanwhile, we have to live with the garbage that is his administration. We have to live with the sleaze that are the people around him. We have to, for god’s sake, see Ivanka and Jared on TV at least a million times more than we ever wanted. And we get a First Lady who can be found nearly completely naked in more photos than anyone but a perv would want to see.

So you all go ahead and watch as the Republicans in the senate destroy us with impunity. I’ll be watching reruns of Schitt’s Creek and wishing I could just move there.