I wish I were more optimistic

I wish I could believe on some level that Bernie Sanders can win the presidency and defeat Donald Trump. But I don’t. I will vote for him because, as I have stated so recently and often, I would vote for my pet rock before I’d vote for Trump. And I will vote, no matter who is running against him.

But here’s the thing. Bernie’s enthusiastic supporters are not a cross section of the voters he needs to win the election. Mind you, neither are Trump’s but he also has the entire Republican party marching in goose step with him for fear of his wrath. Dems don’t do wrath well. And Bernie isn’t the guy who will pull them into the voting booth for fear of his retribution. What’s he gonna do? Deny them non-existent universal health care?

I still contend that Bloomberg has the best chance against Trump because he has the best chance of destroying Trump on every level. Hell, even Clint Eastwood thinks so and he once thought he was having an argument with an empty chair… ok, maybe that wasn’t a good reference after all. But despite his sucky showing at the debate – and god was it sucky – he knows where all Trump’s buttons are and how to push them.

At any rate, I still think Trump has a second term unless the Dems can do a lot better than they are doing. You know those “must carry” states with all the electoral college votes? They have a lot of voters who do not identify as either Ds or Rs. And when they go to vote, they vote for the person who scares them the least since they usually don’t actually agree with either candidate chosen by a party. And believe it or not, Trump will scare them less than Bernie.

Don’t know what the Ds can do about it. Don’t know if they can do anything. Just know we are heading for a second term for the Orange Peel if the Ds don’t figure out a way to appeal to the vast majority of voters who have been scared to death by the word socialism – even though most of them haven’t the faintest idea what it really is.

As for me, I think I’ll just go stick my head under my pillow for awhile and enjoy the peace and quiet of a space that politics can’t enter.