They are the best

My vets at College Village Animal Clinic are the best. And I do mean the absolute best.

Yesterday I had to bring in one of my dogs for his annual exam. Got to the clinic, walked into the waiting room and it was packed. Walked out, got in my car and tried to decide if I was comfortable going into such a crowded room. I was not.

So how did they handle this old lady quaking in her car from the thought of anything less than a five foot space around her and preferred it best if no one else was in the room? How else? They came to the car, got the dog and had him examined. Then Peter the Vet, who is both strange and wonderful at the same time, carried the dog back out to my car, sat in it and gave me the lowdown on the exam and then the tech came out and took my credit card in and ran it for me.

I never had to get out of my car. Everyone could not have been more understanding and wonderful. When I left, I felt like someone very special because of the way I was treated. Old ladies don’t often get to feel that way as much as when they were young and both their tits pointed straight ahead and were more than a little bit above their bellybutton.

So here’s to College Village Animal Clinic and all the wonderful people there who took time to treat a scared old lady so wonderfully.