So here’s how my week went

I’m sitting in my office getting some work done. It’s nice out so I have my office door open so that the dogs can run in and out of the yard at will. Suddenly I hear hysterical yipping interspersed with hysterical barking. I run into the yard to find Bubba has stuck her head between the metal fence and the house and is now stuck. Her butt is wagging frantically as she screams.  Carm, every helpful, is alternately barking and licking her butt as though that will grease her head enough to get her out. I grab her and try to twist her head sideways but she screams even louder and now she’s dangling halfway up the fence with her butt in the air. So I take to screaming 911 and help to no avail. No one is around here during the day. I manage to slide her head back down to the ground and run to get help. My first call goes to our dogwalker Karie. Why I thought that was the first thing to do is of no consequence. She was twenty minutes away and could only drive so fast. I finally went to my neighbor’s house and pounded on the door. He was, thankfully, home. And so very kind and gracious. Came right over and managed, with the help of some tools, some strength, and Bubba’s constant wiggling, to pull the fence back enough to get her head out.

Now ask me why she needed to have her head there in the first place? No really good reason. There are at least three other places in the fence where she could have shoved her head through without any difficulty and gotten it back out just as easily. But then, if she did that, I would not have had the cardio workout I got today.