I hate to have to admit it, but this guy is one of the good ones… just don’t tell him I said so

Here’s a note one of our amazing volunteers from Bird TLC sent out. It should be noted that a lot of his expensive tools were stolen when we had the break in at Bird TLC a few weeks ago and he still is asking that his birthday gifts be donated to the organization instead of trying to recoup his personal loss. Some say he’s crazy. I say this is the kind of crazy that makes the world a little easier to live in.

From Dave Dorsey:

OK, most people know that I’m a Bird TLC volunteer. One of the things I really enjoy is assisting my fellow volunteers releasing bald eagles back to the wild after the eagle has been rehabilitated. One of Bird TLC’s ways of raising money is by selling eagle releases. For a $1000 you can release an eagle back to the wild. So, I bought one at our last fundraising auction in April. Go figure. Well next Saturday, June 15th at 1PM, I’m releasing a bald eagle back to the wild in celebration of my birthday. I’m inviting family, friends and whoever would like to experience this awesome release with me.

So, you want to give me a birthday present. How sweet. My friends say I’m tough to buy for because I go buy what I want when I need it. I haven’t bought that red Maserati yet, but if that’s not what you had in mind, go to and pick from the Bird TLC wish list. All of the donations go to their hard work. No wrapping or bows required. We’ll just put them in the back of Lucille and take them to the clinic after the release.

You can’t make it but still want to give me a gift? You’re the best. Go to and adopt one of Bird TLC’s education birds. There are all kinds of levels you can adopt at, from $200 a year for my great friends to $25 a year for my cheap friends. Hey, all joking aside, the money all goes to the birds.

So, come on out and bring the family, kids and friends. No pets please, unless you intend to feed them to the eagle. Help me celebrate my 49th birthday (again) and also support Bird TLC.