Saw it all already

The headline says that some Kardashian or Jenner wore a totally see through gown that showed her naked ass. The headline made this a breathless statement as though it was not something we routinely see.

So let me make this perfectly clear. We have seen every part of every one of those sluts at least a million times. Their asses. Their vaginas. Their breasts. All have been seen and photographed on multiple occasions. So please spare me the all caps headlines about yet another one of their naked asses.

And just to be clear, walking around naked is not always sexy, though it clearly seems to be the only way these people think they can be. Sometimes covering up a little can be pretty sexy too. You know, leave something for the bed or the imagination.

Now that may sound old-fashioned – and honestly, I have no problem with the naked body. But again, I must seriously question whether we need to see their naked bodies every time they walk out the door… or ever. Give me a little mystery. Give me Audry Hepburn, Julia Roberts or Reese Witherspoon. Give me someone who knows how to dress and look hot without having to expose every hole in their body.

Just saying…