My family

My family has been blessed to have all kinds of people in it – straight, gay, bisexual, biracial. We’ve even had a cat lover or two and one strange individual with a David McCallum obsession. And despite being only a couple of generations from our very Catholic immigrant grandparents, my family has never even blinked at it… well, except for one cousin we’ll call Joe (every other male in our family is called Joe in honor of the Giuseppe who first arrived on these shores so this won’t identify him except we all know who he is). He seems to spend a lot of time looking for 1955 but when his heart is as big as his is, we ignore the grumbling.
You’re gay? Great but did you remember to bring the antipasto? I’m proud that my family has always seemed to know what was important. Not who you sleep with. Not what your pet fetish is but did you stop at Panarelli’s and pick up the bread.