He is responsible

First of all, I cannot send love and prayers to the journalists killed yesterday. They are beyond anything I can offer. And their families must deal with their grief without the my two cents thrown in.

So no. No love and prayers. But lots and lots of anger. Lots and lots and lots of anger at the one person most responsible for the utter loss of all civility in this country… Melted Orange Creamsickle Goo. He routinely criticizes journalists and refers to them as the enemy of the people. This from the man representing the party calling for more civility in our country after their lying mouthpiece was tossed from a restaurant that refused to serve someone who propounded such a level of mean destruction of all that is good in America.

The Republican Party started Obama’s first term with the statement that their one goal was to stop everything he tried to do, even if it was good for America. They questioned his religion despite all proof to the contrary. They questioned his birth, despite all proof to the contrary. They tried to destroy a health care bill when the majority of Americans wanted something, anything, to get them out of the debt created by their lack of health insurance. Republicans posted pictures of apes and monkeys and compared them to Obama and his family.

But when Sarah Sanders, the Chief Purveyor of all Lies for Orange Goo, gets asked to leave a restaurant, suddenly we all need to learn civility. But when Orange Goo makes fun of the differently able or calls for his supporters to beat someone up because he’ll pay their legal bills, not a peep from those lily-livered Republicans who have been totally cowered by their bully-in-chief.

And when journalists are gunned down after being called the enemy of the people by the POS currently destroying our country with a rapidity that astounds me, not a one of his cowardly sycophants says a word to place the blame squarely where it belongs.

It’s getting harder and harder to wait for the mid-terms to do something to take our country back from the brink. Feels like if we wait until then, it will be too late.