Bird TLC’s Amazon Smile Wish List


Support Bird TLC through our Amazon Wish List!


We squeeze every penny and make them all count, but we are always in need of various supplies:

  •  Gift Cards (Lowe’s, Home Depot, Fred Meyer, Costco, Pet Supply Stores, etc.)
  •  Unprocessed Salmon or Red Meat
  •  Bleach
  •  Simple Green
  •  Laundry Soap & Dish Soap
  •  Garbage Bags
  •  Ziploc Bags
  •  Paper Towels & Toilet Paper
  •  Army Blankets
  •  Mirrors (All sizes)
  •  Clean, Used Towels
  •  Rubber / Latex Gloves
  •  Garden Hoses & Hose Nozzles
  •  Plywood

Contact Bird TLC office for drop off directions or to arrange pick-up: (907) 562-4852.

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Columns 2017

We create tiny worlds to escape the “others”

I grew up in a very insular place. For the first ten years of my life, I thought the pope ruled the world and the president ruled America for him. I went to Catholic school from pre-kindergarten through college. I took four years of Latin figuring that would make me bilingual – which it would have if I lived in the Vatican.

When I was in the 8th grade, I won a Voice of Democracy award from the state’s VFW for an essay I wrote. The award ceremony was held at a Protestant church. I got hysterical. I refused Continue reading →


Am I the only one surprised?

Am I the only one surprised that Canada hasn’t started building a wall on their southern border?

Also, Orangeman does realize you can’t put solar panels on the side of his imaginary wall and have them work? Silly me. He’s clearly not smart enough to know the difference between top and side. Maybe someone can build him a miniature wall with popsicle sticks. Maybe the visual will help. It’s what we used for children with learning disabilities and god knows, this man has a long standing learning disability. Oh, and he’s an asshole too. Continue reading →


Birds and dogs

I never leave my parrots and dogs alone together if the birds are out of their cages. I do this because I don’t ever want there to be an “accident” in which a bird loses to a dog’s teeth. I thought I was protecting the birds.

So yesterday I’m cleaning bird cages and Wilson, my conure, climbs to the top of his cage while the door is open. As I take my head out from his cage where I was cleaning the inside, my first thought was that Nayla was too close and too interested and I needed to keep Continue reading →


Is anyone really surprised

Anyone out there who is surprised that the Republican health care bill gives tax breaks to the rich while taking money away from Medicaid should rethink their ability to live independently because they clearly do not have the brain cells needed.

Why are Republicans such a mean group? Why do they hate kindness and compassion? Have they never read the words of the New Testament… you know, the book purportedly stating what Jesus Christ preached? Because if they have, I don’t see how any of them can call themselves Christians, or even nice human beings. Continue reading →

Columns 2017

That old refrain is getting very old

I may be mis-remembering this, but it seems to me that last year this time our esteemed legislators were singing the same song they sang this year after not accomplishing their most important task – passing a balanced budget. Yep, it was just last year this time after yet another special session that our questionable leaders explained to us that they simply did not have the time they needed to create a fiscal plan for Alaska’s future. They said that the one-year stopgap measure they passed would be just that, a one-year measure. This year, they promised, they would come Continue reading →


What is this dog made of

Trying to find the right combination of medications to allow my Nayla to be groomed without her being traumatized or my groomer being bit. We are on the fourth combination of medications and at best they slow her down maybe a step. What the hell is this dog made of? She should be flat out and snoring. instead, she’s still wrestling Snowy for the toy and begging for treats. I might as well have been giving her pills filled with water for all the effect they’ve had. Wow. Respect. Continue reading →

Columns 2017

Make downtown Anchorage more accessible

In my rapidly approaching old age, I find myself becoming one of the ladies who lunch. Partly this is because I can no longer drive in the dark so my social life in winter is limited to lunches. Also, by 5 PM I’m ready for my nightie and a good book. Unlike in my youth, starting anything after 7 PM seems more like a punishment than a treat.

So I have a stalwart friend who lunches with me on a regular basis. We follow Mara Severin’s restaurant reviews religiously. There are restaurants in town that occupy a space we have Continue reading →