What has happened to us?

How can we have fallen so low in such a short time? That POS currently sullying the White House called some countries “shit holes” while lamenting that we aren’t getting more immigrants from Norway. Well, guess what, shithead – no one from Norway wants to come to such a horrible country as you are making us seem in the eyes of the world. You want to point out a shit hole country, how about a country with the largest prison population of any other country in the world on a per capita basis? America. How about a country where students have fallen steadily in their standings against students all over the rest of the world? America. How about a country pushing for coal and oil while the rest of the world hurtles towards planet saving alternative energies? America. How about a country in which the supposed head of state has just given the official nod to racism as a reasonable philosophy to use in barring other people from our shores? America.

Seriously, I feel as though I just want to cry and give my country the dignified burial it deserves… except if I did, the shithead clown who killed all its hopes and aspirations would insist on attending. And then there wouldn’t be enough security in the world that could keep me from getting in his face and letting him know exactly what a colossal loser he really is. Then I’d be arrested and jailed forever for questioning the banana republic 3rd rate dictator’s raison d’etre. And I’m too old to go to jail.