The GOPers just don’t get it, do they?

The GOP is pissing off an entire generation of voters who are sick and tired of being slaughtered in their classrooms. But the GOP is so solidly sold to the NRA that they still have to pretend that unlimited access to weapons of mass destruction are not a problem in America and not the cause of mass shootings. Well, the generation that has seemed to suffer the most from it are sick and tired of the carnage. But still the GOPers trot out their tired old lines. I mean, seriously, does anyone do anything but laugh when they piously intone that their thoughts and prayers are with those injured and their families but this is not the time for a debate on gun laws?

Well, guess what, Grotesque Old Party, the kids say it is time and I don’t think they will be easily silenced. Remember what happened in the sixties when the establishment thought that the kids in the streets couldn’t touch them? Well, we did. And these kids will. And when it’s time for them to vote, they’ll remember who stood by them and tried to protect them with sensible gun laws and who stood by them and drew a target on their chests.