Here’s an idea

Given the suggestions from GOPers on how to improve safety at our schools with more armed police, perimeter safety measures and gun toting teachers, I have a better suggestion that achieves the same results. Let’s free every prisoner who is serving time for having or smoking a joint. Then, we take all that extra prison space and make high schools out of it. This way, we already have a safe perimeter and armed guards. I mean, that’s better than asking someone with a mental illness to give up their AK-47, right?

One thought on “Here’s an idea”

  1. Royce Alden says:

    The idea of arming teachers is horrifying ,unless it is to shoot the walking dead or zombies. And the risk they could potentially be taking. The freaking paid arms guard did not go into the building, he froze solid. I would hate to be responsible for something like that and I have crappy vision as it is. At least Trussia listened. The best I can personally hope for is that the no gun youth movement does not lose steam and NPR puke up their guts. What DOES it take to bring them down?

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