Jimmy Carter vs POS

Jimmy Carter may not have been the most effective president we ever had but he sure in hell is one of the most decent and honorable. His biggest personal scandal was admitting that sometimes he had lust in his heart. Seriously, his biggest personal failure was to have sexual urges about women other than his wife that he never acted on. Yep, kids, you read that right. Men who are honorable and decent may see a woman they find attractive, may even have a little fun fantasy about her, but they don’t act out every animal impulse that hits their Continue reading →


The sex talk

I am 71 years old and still waiting for the sex talk with my mom… who is deceased so that has become a much more unlikely event.

When I “became a woman” – that’s what we called starting menstruation back in the day when we all pretended it didn’t exist and if it did, it wasn’t messy or smelly –  anyhow, when that momentous occasion arose, my mother sat me down, handed me a booklet from the Kotex company explaining how to use the belt with pins that were state of the art protection back in the day. And they Continue reading →


This should not be that hard

I read a piece in the paper yesterday… yes, I still read newspapers, even the sad remnant of what used to be the ADN if only for Ask Amy and the comics… anyhow, read an article about dogs and vets. Apparently there are all kinds of categories of what I think of as helper dogs – some are service dogs, some are emotional support dogs, some are mental health dogs, the list goes on. The article discussed the program of training dogs to be with vets with PTSD. Apparently a whole bunch of money is going into funding research into Continue reading →


So much for Alaskans as independent SOBs

Alaskans like to pride themselves on how independent we are – how we live in a harsh environment with nature and never cry uncle – how we don’t need no stinkin’govment telling us how to live our lives or what to kill for dinner or how big a gun we need to kill it.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? In actuality it is a thin skin on a balloon of hot air that can be easily deflated with one small prick – and I am not talking about the genitalia of the current POS sullying the WH. I’m referring to the Continue reading →


And now they are coming for your children

The right wing has finally gone around that dark corner from which there is no return. They are now comparing the hundreds of thousands of students marching on Saturday to Hitler’s Youth Squad. Our young people – ours! the ones who are being told to learn CPR so they can help revive their fellow students when they get shot in school… the ones who are only asking for what we once took for granted, a safe place to learn… the ones who were gutsy enough to ask why the adults in the room seem all to be turned towards the Continue reading →


And so Stormy has her say

I can’t count how many days in the administration that I’ve awoken, checked the latest news feed and immediately felt slimed by what was coming out of the White House. And now we have Stormy.

Remember back in the day when the Republicans impeached Clinton because of a blow job he got in the Oval Office? Yet now there is total silence. And honestly, the silence from politicians doesn’t bother me half as much as the very loud silence emanating from the so called evangelical Christians who seem ready to forgive this POS of anything he does so long as Continue reading →


This was their response?!!!

“A White House spokeswoman commented on the rallies, saying, ‘We applaud the many courageous young Americans exercising their first amendment rights today.'”

Really? That’s what they took from the demonstrations? They sound as though these kids were merely fulfilling a civics class assignment on how our government works. Let me correct that impression if I may. They were not marching as a civics exercise. They were marching for the right to attend class without fear of death from a crazed gunman or an armed teacher who couldn’t shoot straight. They were marching to not die trying to get a high Continue reading →


Our children will make us safe

It is usually the adults who are responsible for the safety of children. But today in America we are witnessing the children taking the steps needed to keep themselves safe from a country seemingly obsessed with guns and unwilling to adopt the simplest of safety measures to protect them.

Where the adults have failed, the children will succeed. I feel better today about the future of my country than I have since that hideous November day when we gave our country up to sleazy, lying, pussy grabbing traitors who are simply ripping us off until they run to a country Continue reading →


What some of us do on a Friday afternoon

I was walking through the bird room when the Everly Brothers’ song, ” All I Have To Do Is Dream”, came on the TV music channel I leave on for their amusement. Before I knew it, I was dancing and singing to the tune and I am proud to state that, for the first time ever, they did not try to scream over what I call my singing. I don’t know if they did it because I stunned them into silence with my rendition of that classic or whether they were simply stunned that I accidentally occasionally hit the right Continue reading →


Was this their plan all along

I see and hear from more and more people who are simply so tired and disgusted by the horror that is the current administration in DC that they want to just… and pardon this old hippie but it says it best… tune in and drop out. (I deliberately left out the turn on because unless we are talking about the tv, most of us old hippies are way too old to turn on.)

Anyhow, I have to wonder if this hasn’t been their plan all along – act so egregiously for so long that decent people will drop out of Continue reading →