So much in so little time

So much happens in any single day in this POS’ administration that it’s hard to keep up. We forget his last stupid thing because he’s already gone on to say or do something even more outrageous. So let’s pick the best of the past few days.

Let’s start with POS Jr. getting divorced. Like father, like son, right? First, congrats to his wife on waking up one day and realizing what a horrible mistake she made by marrying into this family from hell. Then boo to this same woman for having five children by POS Jr. thus ensuring that these cursed genes will now descend through yet another generation. Please talk to your children early and often about birth control and overpopulation.

Russia… why haven’t we considered offering the POS to Vlad as his co-president. He could go with Vlad for all his public appearances and stand next to him while Vlad makes fun of POS’ looks, intelligence and sexual proclivities. Then maybe we could have someone for our president who actually realizes that Russia is not only NOT our friend but is actually out to destroy us. Though I’m guessing POS has already secured his future with the Russian Bear in advance of the day he helps it destroy us.

Finally, drugs. One of my favorite topics. Opioids in particular.  Does this POS do NO research before plunging ignorantly into a topic and then making suggestions that clearly show he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about? Opioids are most often prescribed by doctors, often after a serious indoctrination of those docs by Big Pharma. So while some patients may sell their opioids on the street to get god knows what else, the actual dealers of these drugs are doctors and drug companies.  And POS wants the death penalty for drug dealers which might have a very negative affect on our health care system as we put multiple doctors a week to death.

Then, in an effort to show he is even more ignorant that we thought, even though we didn’t think this was possible, he goes off on a rant about how tv commercials against drug use aimed at kids will stop them from using and praises it as the cheapest and most effective solution. Yep, that’s the answer. TV commercials. He even references the commercials we all saw ad nauseam in the 80s and 90s. You know… this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs… we’ve all seen it. And clearly those commercials were the resounding success POS claims they were because look… no drug problem in America now.

Justice demands that, if we really plan to use the death penalty, we give it to the people who put POS into office. They are the ones who are peddling the most destructive drugs of all – hate, misogyny, racism and homophobia. Sadly, in the current POS sullying the White House, they have found their perfect patsy. An empty vessel containing only self-love that had lots of room for the hate they poured in to fill him up.

Welcome to America 2018… the dystopian version.