So this is what it’s come to…

Monday mornings are not, for the most part, anyone’s favorite mornings. But waking up in an America ruled by the POS currently sullying the White House and his syncophants on the Hill is especially depressing and unnerving.

Let’s start with POS once again threatening to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. I guess in a way it could be a blessing… getting nuked is looking more and more enticing when put up against more years of this rotting orange peel.  The we have a prostitute suing him for defamation. Yep, for all of you wishing he would get impeached, hang on. If Stormy wins her case, he might end up out of office as a felon. On the other hand, that would mean we’d have to live with the knowledge that we have fallen so far in respectability, ethics, moral values and basic common sense that the position once held by people declared the leaders of the free world is now inhabited by a common john who couldn’t keep his prostitutes in line.

And finally, there is poor dear Michelle Wolfe. The sheer and utter hypocrisy of those self-righteous conservatives in screaming about her while nodding in total approval when POS trashes a man with disabilities or calls women pigs is mind-boggling. Yep, a comedian making sharply edged comments is far worse than the man currently considered by some to be president of the United States mocking someone with disabilities on national television.

And while I’m at it, what the hell Free Press? When did you lose your balls and go running to the woods for cover? It’s FREE speech. She can say whatever the hell she wants short of committing a crime. That’s why we have a FREE press. So all you reporters and commentators out there – why are you not defending her right to speak out as she chooses? You know, the way the conservatives defend nazis and racists. At least have the courage of your convictions to defend free speech. As the conservatives so often say – the marketplace will make the final decision. If people don’t like what she says, they can tune out and eventually her career will collapse. But if it does collapse, it should be because no one is interested in listening to her – not that our mighty media is scared of the tangerine in the White House.