We’ve always accepting lying as part of politics

Politicians lying to the public are as common as rain in the rain forest and as old as humanity’s first attempt at political organization. We accept that politicians will say or do just about anything to get elected. We filter what they say through our minds and decide what is wheat and what is chaff. And for each of us, the answer can be different.

But I truly think we have crossed the line when we accept that an elected president… someone already in office, campaign over… would blatantly lie over and over and over – and get caught in those lies over and over and over – and still the American public can do little more than shrug.

Is this truly how low political life in this country has gotten? Do we no longer even look for standards or morals in our elected officials? Do we just accept they are corrupt bumbling bastards who answer only to their largest donors and the rest of us can suck eggs? Is this what the end of America’s experiment in democracy really looks like?

Over this past three days or so, we’ve learned that the POS currently sullying the White House dictated his letter of health during the campaign that his doctor released as his evaluation of the candidate’s physical fitness for office. I think it came as no shock to anyone that POS wrote it. He has a very distinctive writing style – I believe it’s called semi-literate – that was clearly obvious in the letter. And given that the majority of Americans can see what POS actually looks like, it was pretty clear the letter was bullshit from the beginning. But we didn’t care. Let him lie his way into the White House. Who gives a crap?

But now we also find out that after the election, after this POS spread the stench of his existence throughout my country, he flat-assed lied about paying off a porn star or knowing about it or in any way contributing to it. Nope, it was all his lawyer’s doing because anyone who has seen this POS function knows that he would never participate in such a scheme – except he did. He paid that bill and he lied about it. And America once again shrugged.

What’s possibly the most annoying is that the same uptight, butt clenching moralists who impeached Bill Clinton for lying about an affair are the people shrugging the most over this. You see, the new way Christianity apparently works is that you can be any low life piece of crap who does horrible things to people and places and has no morals or ethics at all and Christians will like and support you so long as you pass anti-abortion laws and protect assault rifles.

Keep shrugging America. Because you are shrugging our great country and our great democracy out of existence. Can’t wait to hear how you’ll explain this to the grandkids living under Dictator for Life Ivanka.