I don’t like Kanye either but…

Kanye West is clearly a troubled individual. Whether his bizarre behavior is a product of drug abuse or a mental health challenge that he should be taking meds for, he has clearly got some significant issues in his life. And honestly, if he was just an ass like the one in the White House, I’d have no problem heaping abuse on him for his insane comment about slavery being a choice of the slaves. (Someone please give this guy a dictionary so he can look up the definition of the word “slave”.) But he is clearly mentally ill. And people with untreated mental health issues can be pretty bizarre and unpredictable. It’s not his fault. His brain just doesn’t work the way most people’s do. The fact that tangerine man likes and relates to him so much is simply more proof that he’s as crazy, if not crazier, than West.

That’s the part we should be talking about.