I would not be afraid

So Orange Goo thinks that if we eliminate ICE, Americans would be afraid to walk out of their homes. Hmmm….

In actual fact, I am more afraid to exit my home and find a Goo supporter nearby than I am by just about any immigrant I’ve ever met. That’s because Goo supporters tend to have stopped using their brains, compassion or humanity a long time ago. They have substituted hate, fear mongering and ugliness for everything good that we ever aspired to in America.

So yeah. You can undo ICE and I’ll probably never notice the difference. And for those of you horrified by the idea, try to remember that ICE didn’t even exist before 9/11. ICE was created in 2003. Before that we got along just fine without it. In fact, we didn’t look half as much of a gestapo nation before ICE as we have since ICE was created.

I guess I find this topic sensitive because all four of my grandparents were immigrants. None of them, except perhaps Nonno Sereni, ever really learned English. So if you walked into my Nonno Zeccardi’s grocery store, you would have heard Italian predominantly spoken. Based on the criteria we use today, they would not be considered worthy to be Americans because they never learned the language.

Here’s what they did learn. They learned if they worked hard, their kids could do better than they did. So they worked hard. And their kids worked hard. And now, two generations away from those immigrants, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren are healthy, productive, contributing members of society in almost every field of endeavor from the legal profession (we may have a bit of an overload there) to the medical profession to chefs and teachers and engineers.

If you think about it, we may be tossing out people at the border who will produce the next generation of hard working Americans who will actually keep America great.

Let’s get rid of ICE. Let’s dump the blather and fearmongering about the horrors that immigrants bring with them. Let’s remember that unless you are Native American, you came from immigrants. And some of those immigrants are responsible for the genocide of the original Americans so bragging about how far back your roots go is not necessarily a good thing.

America grew and became great on the backs of immigrants… well, except for those immigrants whose procreation resulted in the POS currently sullying the White House. So let’s dump the hate speech about immigrants and celebrate all they have contributed to truly making America great.