Dear volunteers and friends of Bird TLC,

You are invited to come  to Doriola’s Restaurant on Friday, August 31st, 2018 from 5-7:30 pm for a fundraiser BBQ event!

A portion of the sales will be donated to Bird TLC.

John and Flame will be welcoming guests at 5pm in front of the restaurant!

Please join us for a delicious BBQ and bring your friends and families!

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I thank god every day

According to a report released today, over 300 predatory priests abused well over 1000 children over the past 70 years  just in Pennsylvania. Just writing that makes me sick. Mostly because I went to Catholic school and, except for the college years, it was always a great experience.

The priest who headed up our parish, St. Michael’s in Atlantic City, was Msgr. Giammarino. Before his promotion, we simply called him Father Vincent. As kids, when we saw him, we would freely run up for a great big hug always followed by his thumb making the sign of the cross on Continue reading →


Is it wrong to laugh

Those poor, sad racists. They were so afraid of the opposition that they forgot to show up on Sunday for their big rally.

Says something about them, doesn’t it, when they have the biggest advantage they’ve ever had since the Ku Klux Klan fell out of favor in the 60s and they are still too drunk or embarrassed to show up. They have a supporter in the White House and an entire TV channel dedicated to their message. And they are still too afraid of how ugly and hateful their message is to appear in public two years in a Continue reading →


Ah Rudy…

In so many ways, Rudy Giuliani is a typical New Yorker. Except for the half bad teeth and the insanity.

Let’s start with the teeth. Seriously, did he actually pay someone for that? Did he look in the mirror when they were done and NOT think he should sue? He’s got chicklets on the top and what appear to be rotten stumps on the bottom.

Now I understand if he didn’t have any money to fix his teeth. As someone with thousands of dollars invested in her teeth, I’m here to tell you that insurance payments don’t even pretend to Continue reading →


You do not want to laugh but… Space Force?

Space Force sounds like it’s the title of a Saturday morning cartoon for kids from the 1960s or 70s. And as an idea, it is both silly and scary.

First of all, the silly part. NASA. No, NASA is not silly. But NASA exists and the word “space” is right there in the title. We are literally re-inventing the wheel. I can only assume this is because the POS currently sullying the White House and his minions in Congress have not yet brought America into complete bankruptcy with their tax break for the rich. So by creating a whole new, Continue reading →


Send out those congratulation cards now!

Melania Trump’s parents were sworn in this week as US citizens. Thank god they were able to get by the strict controls being put on immigrants… legal or otherwise… by Trump’s favorite evil dwarf, Steven Miller.

Have you seen this man? Don’t you wish he was an immigrant – legal or otherwise – so we could toss him out. I mean, we’d find a reason. Just like he’s finding reasons to punish legal immigrants for following the law. How dare they? Told they had to get Obamacare, so they did. Now little Stevie is saying he can throw them out Continue reading →


For me, there is no middle ground

Pundits say we need to separate the political from the personal, especially in today’s toxic atmosphere. But here’s the thing. I can’t. The POS currently sullying the White House has so offended every moral fiber of my being that anyone who still supports him is not someone I want to spend any time with. Don’t care about their perspective. Don’t want to hear their point of view. Doesn’t matter if this POS has fulfilled every one of their warped visions for a new whiter America. Don’t care if the fucker cured cancer at this point. He is such a vile, Continue reading →


How you know you’re an old hippie

I went to a local pot store to pick up some edibles. My lungs haven’t had smoke in them in so long that they rebel if I try to smoke pot. So edibles it is.

As I stood at the counter of a lovely little pot emporium, I asked the very nice and VERY young lady helping me what shatter was. As an old hippie who only ever knew to smoke a joint or bake brownies with it, I used to think I knew all there was to know about pot and pot products. But I’d seen the word shatter Continue reading →


Ah family

Here’s the thing about family. They drive you crazy. Unless you live in a world where every member of your family is on Zoloft, this is as true about you as it is about me.

The extra added flip with my family is that they come from a region of Italy where being snarky is a way of life and getting sentimental is a sign of weakness. So we don’t do that. We yell a lot. We laugh a lot. The women have actually been known to cry a little together – but not too much. Can’t have that.

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It is just too exhausting

The media causes wars and divides people? According to the latest from Tweedle Dee, the only person you can trust is him. And that’s creates a difficulty since he lies every time he opens his mouth and the “fake news” usually has video and audio to back that up. So the only media organization that fits POS’ definition of the media as warmongers is Fox “News”.

And on that note, it’s a windy, grey day in Anchorage with summer definitely on the wane and the cool breezes of fall already being felt. I’m going to go visit an old friend Continue reading →