Do you feel safer now? Well, do you?

You should. Because yesterday, ICE deported the wife of a veteran who lived here for almost twenty years and is being separated from her American children. Another dangerous illegal sent packing.

Yep, this administration seems to have a thing about separating children from their parents. Maybe it’s a result of some deep seated resentment in the POS currently sullying the White House because he couldn’t get Ivana to keep Eric and Donald Jr. separated from him. I don’t think Baron has to worry. He never sees him anyway. As for Ivanka, I think it’s become crystal clear that he’d preferred to be very close to her. Very, very, creepily close.

But I digress. The important thing to know here is that POS is willing to pardon racists, criminals, bigots, nazis – just about anyone who hates anything that doesn’t fit his definition of a white America – but when it comes to a brown woman with children by a man who risked death to protect America – well, I believe his attitude can best be summed up by the words, “Fuck you, bitch.”

Maybe if she’d just offered to pee on his bed while spanking him with a magazine…