One more time with feeling, guys

So for those of you men out there worried that the mere accusation of sexual misconduct will ruin your reputation and career – welcome to the world that women have occupied for so long we don’t remember when it was any different. No matter what the scenario, if a woman and man were caught in an inappropriate sexual liaison of any kind, the woman was a whore, a temptress, a bitch who lured that poor man in knowing he was not responsible for controlling his sexual desires. Whether you were a queen – check out the history of countries like France, England and Spain for examples, among others – or just a poor prostitute, it was your fault. And if all that was occurring was a whisper campaign with no proof or facts to back it up, the woman was still branded for life and the man was just doing what men do. In the Scarlett Letter, that bright red A wasn’t sewn on HIS shirt. It was sewn on HER dress.

So forgive me for not boohooing all over for the terrible position you seem to find yourselves in. Considering that most governmental entities and industries still have almost all white men leading them, I’m guessing you are much better protected than any female secretary or personal assistant ever was.

Finally, for you idiots out there saying you are now afraid to hire a woman because you would never be comfortable in a one on one meeting with her because of what she might do, let’s get two things straight. First, you sound insane. Second, most women entering the workforce are doing so to pay the rent, feed their children, advance their education, create a life and do so many other things – none of which involve you. As hard as this is for your male ego to grasp, you are not the center of the world of every woman you encounter. Deal with it.