I do not know what is more horrifying

Some days are worse than others with the POS currently sullying the White House. But today might take the cake. In the last twenty four hours he has tried to push for a policy that would allow them to separate immigrant children from their parents and keep them in cages indefinitely; suggested an op ed piece in the NYT might be treason; and the only person who has come to the defense of his stability is the crazed leader of North Korea.

I’ll give you a minute to absorb all that.

There was a time in America when detaining children indefinitely was done by murderous regimes in Third World countries and we condemn them. That advantage is gone. Used to be in America, we didn’t separate children and their parents… unless, of course, they were Alaska Native or Native American. But let’s not look under that rock today.

There was a time when American presidents honored our Constitution by standing up for its guiding principles, one of which was freedom of the press. Again, we condemned murderous regimes that suppressed this freedom. POS is currently trying to join those tin hat dictators by calling the media fake and calling someone’s right to express their opinion treason.

Finally, when Kim Jong Un is the only world leader who still has faith in you… well, what more needs to be said.

I am so sad for my country. So very, very sad.