Come on, Lisa. Do the right thing

Anyone with any sense of decency should be totally offended by the charade playing out in the US Senate. Seriously, why even pretend to hold a fair hearing when it is so obviously a biased one. 42,000 pages of info released the night before the hearing started? A judge comparing birth control to abortion pills while pretending to believe that Roe v Wade is settled law? A candidate for the Supreme Court caught lying under oath about not knowing something that a memo he’d written shows he not only did know, but had a legal opinion on it? A candidate who would not answer any questions posed by the Democratic half of the Senate?  A judge who believes that the man who proposed him to the court can’t be indicted for criminal acts while in office? A man who justifies racial profiling? And perhaps, most disturbing of all, a man who clearly questions the right of Alaska Natives to self determination.

C’mon, Lisa. Does a safe have to fall on your head to realize what a Trojan horse Kavanaugh is? He is another middle aged white man who will get a permanent job for life and will undo all the progress we have made over the past fifty years. He is another white man longing for the 1950s when he ruled supreme and women “knew their place”.

You do realize, right Lisa, that if his philosophy prevailed, you wouldn’t be a US Senator. You’d be the housewife he thinks is your only real role in life.