I don’t understand

Or maybe I do. Lisa Murkowski is apparently considering voting to give a man who has questioned Alaska Native rights a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. How is that even possible?

I thought I couldn’t get past her possible support of a man who thought birth control pills were pre-abortion pills. I mean – what century does this man come from? Possibly the same century that thought an all male priesthood was a good idea? That was a thousand years ago… yep, that’s about right.

But to betray some of her most devoted constituents by putting a man on the bench who threatens all the progress that Alaska Natives have fought so long and hard for? That’s wrong. Just terribly, terribly wrong.

How can she not see that this man is nothing more than another white male who wants to paternally pat us poor women and Natives over the head and tell us he knows best.

Well, Father Knows Best ended a long time ago. And if Lisa Murkowski votes to put that kind of paternalism on the Supreme Court, she has lost my vote forever. And I’m guessing I’m not the only one who feels that way.