Me thinks he doth protest too much

My mother always knew we were lying based on how vigorously we denied we were. No matter how smooth we thought we were being as kids, the minute the lies started, she’d look at us and quote Shakespeare. (That’s the danger of a mother who is an English major.)

When I hear POS ranting about Woodward’s book or the op ed in the NYT or Omarosa’s claims, that quote constantly leaps to mind.

If there isn’t any truth to what is being said about him, why is he so beyond hysterical in his efforts to call it fake news and get someone, anyone, to believe him ? OK, let me modify that last sentence. Why is he hysterical to get anyone, except his most diehard, racist, intelligently challenged supporters, to believe him when he says it isn’t true?

I derive no comfort from these reports because the truth isn’t setting us free. It’s just scaring the crap out of any rational human being that the man claiming to lead this country can be so delusional as to think every person who describes his administration is lying. I mean, it’s not as though we have competing versions out there. Anyone beyond his brain dead sycophants describe the same chaos and incompetence. Staff revolve through the White House doors quicker than a fast food drive through. Loyalty to anything and anyone seems to be totally absent. It’s as though they all see their future and are hoping to be the first to cut a deal with prosecutors so they can swear this whole disastrous administration was something they were always trying to save America from.

You know what’s most scary – what’s most scary is that we now have a precedent for our military to ignore the orders of the civilian commander in chief. While we may all sigh a sigh of relief that they are doing that in this administration, the question we have to ask is what will happen if they do it in the next.