Lisa clearly and blatantly lied to Alaskans

She told us she would represent us independent of party politics. That’s why her write in campaign was so successful. We believed her because we were desperate to believe that there were honorable people in politics. Alaska Natives, in particular, turned out in droves to push her to the top in her contested election. They thought she stood with them.

But we can now see that she didn’t. It was just another move of political convenience from another run of the mill politician. Because if she meant what she said, she would not vote Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court based on the danger he poses to Native American rights. She would look at that and know she could never let something that dangerous to her Alaska Native constituents on the Supreme Court. And that’s not even counting the danger to a woman’s right to make decisions about her body without the interference of a very old, white male Congress.

But she’s just another Republican toady. They told her how to vote and that’s how she’s going to vote – ethics, morals and responsibilities to her constituents be damned.

Remember this the next time she runs. She is, at best, a fair weather friend. She is, at worse, another spineless politician who will do anything she’s told if she thinks it will keep her in power.

Shame on you Lisa, for lying to us so baldly about who and what you are and believe.