All over but the shouting

And so with the end of day today, we say goodbye to political ads until at least January when the first ads for the 2020 campaign show up on our TVs and radios. A full two months of peace and quiet broken only by the incessant noise that is called Christmas music. This music starts sometime in October, gets a full head of steam by mid-November and by Christmas, Grandma got run over by at least a 1000 reindeer and the Baby Jesus had a million days of Christmas sung to him. And I swear to god, I just want to smack that little drummer boy with his drum sticks. In fact, by the beginning of December, even the Baby Jesus is sick and tired of his birthday and wishes it were all over.

The sweet spot here is the first two weeks of November. The political ads have stopped and the Christmas music has not yet reached a level where ripping our ears out is considered a viable alternative.

It’s a sweet time indeed.