It is no longer titillating

I don’t know about you, but I am done with all the female personalities who think they can grab a transient headline by wearing the least amount of clothes possible while calling what they have on an ensemble. I am tired of exposed breasts and asses. I don’t need to see the thong string riding up your ass crack. I don’t need to see your nipples pushing through the gauze you call a shirt. I don’t need slits cut so high that you need to put jewels in your vagina to keep it matching the rest of the outfit.

I am glad women are proud of their bodies  – though honestly, these women who consistently show them off were probably always proud of them – but the level of nudity that passes for fashion nowadays is truly mind boggling. And the battle to be the woman who wears the least while making it look the best seems to be ongoing with no end in sight.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – real actresses don’t wear those naked ensembles. You don’t see actresses like Nicole Kidman or Sandra Bullock wearing see-though outfits because they know that their talent is enough to command respect. It’s all those other little starlets and… god, I don’t even know what to call the Kardashians but them too… who wear clothes deliberately meant to titillate because they have no other talent aside from showing off their naked bodies under pretend clothes.

So here’s to the women who know how to dress sexy without their nipples, vaginas and asses in full view. Here’s to the women who demand to be judged on their talent and not the circumference of their aureola as seen through a bit of gauze wrapped around their breasts. Here’s to the women who respect themselves enough to demand respect from others. They are truly the ones we should be putting on pedestals.