Sarah Fuckabee Sanders

I thought the CheetoMan’s voice was the worse voice ever, the one that causes me to turn off the radio, tv or whatever else is broadcasting that sound, the voice that makes me cover my ears and run out of the room begging god to make it stop. But it turns out, that POS’ voice actually comes in second to the whining drone that is the obnoxious sound coming out of Sarah Fuckabee Sanders’ mouth.

Can you imagine being that woman’s child? Hearing that voice in the womb? Listening to it everyday as it tells you what to do and when to do it? Those poor children should probably have a social worker looking in on them in case they need therapy. Because after listening to POS’ mouthpiece for even the briefest of times, I find myself wanting to either rip my ears off or rip her vocal cords out. And don’t get me started on her poor husband. I mean, seriously, does that look like something any sane man would want to go to sleep with, let alone wake up to?

Dear lord – when will this national nightmare end?