He seriously said that?

The POS currently sullying the White House apparently can’t even get talking to children straight. And those conversations tend to be on his level – juvenile and simple.

But POS managed to get on the phone with a seven year old and question why the child still believed in Santa Claus. Seriously, who the hell does something like that?

Did his staff not give him talking points? Did he actually need a cheat sheet that said not to shake a child’s belief in Santa on the night before Christmas? Is there no adult left in the White House who can curb this idiot’s idiocy?

He wants a wall for Christmas. He’s shut the government down until he gets it. So I say, let’s give this sad excuse for a human being the wall he wants. I envision it surrounding the prison he and his criminal enterprise – also known as his family – are inhabiting for the next fifty years.

Happy holidays. May next year be better… or may we just all still be around next year because you never know when POS will simply push that button in a hissy fit and blow the world up.