Poor Nayla

My deck is covered a few feet deep in snow except for where the magpies and pigeons have stomped it down trying to find food. So if you go out my deck door, you face a little hill of snow you have to go over to get to the flat stuff on the other side.

Poor Nayla had to pee and since it was late at night, I let her out on the deck rather than go downstairs with her. She stood for a moment in front of what must have seemed like a mountain to her and apparently decided that climbing over it was way more effort than she felt like making. So she kind of stood up on her hind legs, came down on the side of the little snow mountain and started to pee. Except she kept sliding backwards off the little snow pile as she peed.

So there I stood at 1 AM watching my dog slide down a tiny snow mountain while peeing and pretending this was exactly what she intended.

And people think my life must be boring…