I always suspected

So here’s the headline that merely confirms what I have long suspected…

“Researchers Are Now Saying That Lettuce Can Hear When It’s Being Eaten”

Yes, eating veggies is a cruel and unusual act that causes pain to that lettuce leaf. Is it any wonder that the romaines finally turned against us and starting killing us?

As someone who has always firmly believed eating a dead cookie is much more humane than munching on lettuce and ignoring the screams from your mouth, I can’t say I’m surprised by this. I know veggies are supposed to be our best friends but really Continue reading →


Alaska – the forgotten state

I always thought it was just me. Or it was just my family. But it turns out the entire country is no really sure Alaska belongs to America so why worry about it when tragedy strikes.

When hurricanes happened in the south, everyone rallied to help. Hawaii is America’s beach so of course it will be supported through volcano eruptions and other nasty forces of nature. But Alaska – we have a 7.0 earthquake and it barely makes national news for more than one day.

I realize that Alaskans are used to this. We don’t wait for others to help Continue reading →


Ah the aftershocks

So every time we have another aftershock, I find myself saying out loud to no one in particular – “Oh for god’s sake, stop. Just stop.”

It’s as though I think the Earth will respond, “Oh, I’m sorry. Was that bothering you? I didn’t realize. I’ll stop right now.”

That’s probably not how the earth will respond… is it?
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For once, POS got it right

POS blames Mueller for his low approval ratings. He finally got something right. Mueller is definitely PART of his low numbers. And he only has himself to blame.

You see, if you and your campaign have not done anything illegal, two years later there would not still be an ongoing investigation that has nailed half a dozen members of your administration in a variety of criminal enterprises. Remember how many investigations there were of Hillary? Not one indictment no matter how hard the Rs in Congress tried. Now, multiple indictments despite how hard the Rs in Congress tried to stop Continue reading →


The question that must be asked

OK, so everyone in the Christian world, and probably some who are not, know that the colors of Christmas are basically red and green. Yes, you can have silver and gold hanging around the house but it’s the red and green that make it official. They are what let’s us know it’s Christmas.

So the question that has to be asked is why no one told Melania about this. Those red trees that look like a memorial to all the White House blood baths of the past two years could easily be dressed up with some green garland, some gold Continue reading →


Way to go, Alaskans

OK, so maybe every election cycle we send Dopey Don back to Congress. And maybe we actually think cold and snow are desirable weather conditions. And maybe we think bunny boots can be part of a formal wear ensemble. But here’s what we also do – we take care of each other.

For those of you in the outside world who haven’t noticed, there was no rioting and looting here after the earthquake. What there was, what Alaskans did instead of looting and rioting, was open up their homes and hearts to anyone who needed help, from shelter to food Continue reading →


I got the message – you can stop shaking now

The earthquake was bad enough. But the aftershocks are killing me. Every time my stomach calms down and my nerves relax and my B/P drops from astronomical to merely scary, another shake happens and everything starts up again. I think the earthquake center said we’ve had over 600 aftershocks, 17 of which were 4.0 or larger and that’s just damned frightening.

So here’s my theory – this is either the earth telling us to stop messing her up or the earth trying to vomit Trump and all his Republican allies off its surface because it so violates her sense of Continue reading →