My friend Sandra

Today, my friend Sandra Stuermer became the first woman to be appointed as the Director of Administration and Finance for the North Slope Borough. Perhaps even more importantly, she is the first Alaska Native woman to hold this position.

Sandra earned her degree (in business administration or something like that – it had lots to do with business and math) from UAA. As a working mother, she used the proximity of the university to pursue her degree, taking what courses she could each semester until she achieved that four year degree. Without UAA, she would not bring the credibility to her current appointment that she does. Without UAA, she would never have been able to achieve her dream. Without UAA, how many other Alaskans will now be left behind because the opportunities for post secondary education have been so sharply curtailed.

So congrats to my friend Sandra for her amazing achievement. I just wish others would have the chance that you did.

One thought on “My friend Sandra”

  1. Celina Llauget says:

    I could not be more proud of my sister Sandra than I am now. Dad is smiling from Heaven.

    Love you so very much 😘

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