Seriously, I will scream

If I hear one more person trying to compare Trump’s possible impeachment with Bill Clinton’s, I’m going to scream. They are not the same. They are not even in the same category. They are barely in the same universe.

Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath about an affair. His affair hurt no one but himself and his marriage. Nothing else. Not national security, not our international reputation, and not our country’s honor.

Orange Peel, on the other hand, did all those things with a bang. His holdup of money gave the Russians free rein in Crimea while the Ukrainian government waited for the military aid that was due. Internationally, other allies are asking themselves whether to trust America or to worry that with every treaty, agreement and understanding will come a price called – in the criminal world – extortion and bribery. As for America’s honor, I think we waved goodbye to that the day he pulled the plug on our allies, the Kurds, and left them to be slaughtered by Turkish troops. Yep, that’s America’s honor you see trampled in the mud of their retreat from annihilation.

So while Bill Clinton is a scummy person, he wasn’t a scummy president. He kept the scum to his private life until he got out of office. Orange Peel didn’t wait until he left the White House. He brought the scum with him as evidenced by the fact that just about everyone who worked with him is now under indictment, awaiting sentencing or in jail.

Orange Peel’s impeachment is about lying, bullying, extortion and bribery for the purpose of his own gain, all backed up by the power and wealth of this country. We should all be ashamed at what he’s done and angrier than hell at him for doing it. So aside from the word “impeachment”, these two events don’t have a damn thing in common.