My current gripe

Want to get on Netflix – you need a cell phone so they can send you a text to get the process started. Download Samantha Bee’s latest app? Need a text to activate it. Want to make an appointment with a dog groomer – text because if you call it will take them two or three days to answer.

I don’t have a cell phone. I don’t want a cell phone. I’m very content with people only being able to kind of contact me by phone at home. And I say “kind of” because I screen all my calls on my – yes, land line! which can actually do things like that too.

So it seems that the way the world is trending, you either have a cell phone or you get cut out of a lot of things you might otherwise be interested in joining. And guess what? There is nothing being offered that needs a cell phone so a text can be sent to activate it that I can’t live without… happily.

I truly am getting too old for this new world. I could learn it if I wanted. I could join it if I wanted. But, quite frankly, my British History Magazine and I are going to go sit down and have a long quiet date together – texts not needed nor wanted in the process. All I have to do is turn the page.

2 thoughts on “My current gripe”

  1. Tom Scott says:

    Hi Elise
    I know you really don’t want a another solution, but I’m a guy of a certain age and the martian in me requires that I offer one. You can get a Google voice number for free that can be used for receiving voice mails and texts on the web or via email. See this

    Have a great holiday season old friend.

    1. Elise Patkotak says:

      Thanks. I’ll check that out. Just don’t tell my family I’m doing it.
      Happy holidays to you and all your family – especially Peggy who has had to put up with you all these years!

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