I am addicted

I admit it. I am totally addicted to the best and worst dressed lists that are posted after every event in which pretty people are dressed by a designer who wants their product seen on someone pretty and impossibly skinny.

Nowadays, people who weigh more than 80 pounds are allowed to be dressed in nice attired on the red carpet. In Hollywood that’s considered progress – fat people (defined as anyone over a size 5) are also allowed to consider themselves attractive.

But I don’t voraciously devour these lists because of any political content. No, I do it because I love to look at pretty people attired in clothes us normal people will never wear. Sometimes they look good and sometimes I recoil in horror at the way some designer has dressed them. They clearly did not look in any mirror before they walked the red carpet.

But recently, as I perused one of these lists, I realized that I divided the clothes worn into two groups. The first group consists of ensembles I really like – albeit, not something I would ever wear. The second group consists of ensembles that, on first seeing them, I exclaim, “Jesus, that looks like something I would wear.”

Yes, the criteria for something a pretty person would wear that is ugly, is that it’s something I would wear. And while that is sad on some level, it is also true on many more.

These poor souls. Dressed in something I would wear. Once again as my mother would often say, “Don’t you have a mirror in your house?”