A sad farewell

I know I shouldn’t but I wanted a treat. I bought these two piece per packet fairly well respected frozen food company treats, brought them home, allowed one to thaw while I drooled, figured how much extra insulin I needed to cover it and finally bit down on it and thought, “Wait, was it always this sweet?” And by that I mean did each bite cause me to slow down and gag in the past? By the third bite, all hope was lost. The indigestion had already started. The burning spread northward like a southerner’s dream of winning the Civil War.

Goodbye, pecan pie. You were the love of my life since the day Sonya Hadzima Rogers introduced me to you, lo those many years ago. But now my aging system rebels and so we must part. Auvoir, my love. I shall burp through the night in your honor and flush you away with a salute in the morning.

Elegy to youth, food addict edition